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Giving to St. James, Newport Beach: Why do we pledge?

Excitement and growth are all around! Together we have traveled an incredible path over the last five years and now we are laying the groundwork for the future of St. James, Newport Beach.

We are fortunate to offer such wonderful ministry treasures as our music program, adult Christian education, ministry partners, a vibrant children’s ministry and a blossoming Gen-X and millennial group (XM). God’s love and abundance seems to be very clear at this time. Your support enables us to carry out God’s mission and sustains our common life together.


As our church journeys into our ever-rapidly-changing world we pray that you will experience giving to St. James as part of a spiritual transformation. Please consider your response to God’s generosity in this community and your own life as you contemplate your annual giving to St. James, Newport Beach.

Through financial commitments such as yours, we partner in the work of the Gospel, to share God’s grace with our neighbors near and far.


So, thank you for all you do to build up the Body of Christ!

© 2020 St. James Episcopal Church, Newport Beach, CA

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