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Ministries & Outreach

God has called us to serve those in need in our local, national and global communities.  At St. James, we are committed to accomplishing this, the way of Christ: by reaching out to the underserved with compassion and action. We believe collaboration with other local service organizations and individuals is essential to our impact.  Having a modern facility, we host diverse educational opportunities, non-profit events, and social gatherings that engage our faith and outreach to others. We also offer travel experiences that enhance personal growth and spiritual development, giving us a foundation to help others. Most importantly, we strive to mobilize people according to their individual call to do the work of Christ in the world. 

St. James Faith Lab
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Ministry Partners

The St. James Ministry Partners Team seeks to engage our faith in Christian service to others within the larger community outside our doors, promoting compassion, understanding and inclusion. Our outreach includes organizations such as Skyview School, a public school serving homeless children; The Bridge, a temporary homeless shelter in Costa Mesa; ProLiteracy: a program of the Newport Beach Public Library which matches adults learning to read English with volunteers to teacher them; and Endupoto and Oljoro Schools—these two schools serve children from five different villages in the remote bush of Tanzania where the Maasai people live.

Technology Classes

St. James is a place of technology-enabled immersive creative learning experiences for young people and adults that use and teach latest technology. We are committed to explore new ways to leverage computer-based learning, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) to significantly enhance the learning experiences of young people from various backgrounds and abilities. We engage in collaborative labs for experimenting with new and engaging ways to use technology for teaching and learning.

Group of young hospital workers or nurse
St. James’ Nursing Team

We are pleased to announce that St. James has joined the Hoag Health Ministries’ Faith Community Nursing Program. We plan to continue Red Cross blood drives and add flu-vaccine clinics, quarterly health check-ins, educational opportunities, and support groups. 

St. James Faith Lab

St. James Faith Lab supports creative, innovative, and experimental educational projects that incorporate AI and other advanced technologies and invests in entrepreneurial initiatives to remedy key social issues.

World Outreach Ministries
Global Outreach

“Think Locally, Act Globally” could be our motto as we reach beyond boundaries to spread the Word through action in local communities far from our own. In Tanzania, we are supporting a project to bring education and fresh water to a Maasai community. Another project, founded by a St. James congregant, is providing education and acculturation assistance to Syrian refugee children in Normandy, France.

We’re Doing Our Part
for a Greener St. James

We encourage everyone to join us as we strive to be faithful stewards of the environmental resources that we enjoy as an organization and as individuals. In the kitchen, we use washable servingware like mugs and silverware rather than disposables whenever possible, and discourage the use of plastic drinking straws. Our garden features drought-resistant plant material and drip irrigation. We are greening the office by going paperless and sharing documents on the cloud as we are able, and when printing is necessary, we print two-sided and use green products including recycled paper stock. Please join us in our efforts to care for our fragile island home.

Skyview School
A school for homeless and underserved children

Skyview is an alternative-education program that serves homeless and extremely impoverished K–8th grade students. The school has 50 students, is located in Orange, and run by the O.C. Dept. of Education.  Many of these students reside in old, nightly-rated motels; others in shelters, cars, and parks; and some live with friends or other families. The status of homelessness is ever-changing, so these students’ circumstances are continuously changing. One stability Skyview is able to offer them is their education, in a safe and supportive environment; they attend year-round. There is a food pantry on site, and the children can take food with them, if they need it.


St. James has a dedicated team of volunteers who provide classroom support and tutoring for the students each week, and we have helped with Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties and other school events.

Red heart in woman and man hands, on gre
Care Team

For those in need of help—whether you’ve experienced health issues, personal crisis, abuse, addiction, loss, or pain—or you are simply searching for hope, prayer or the next right step towards healing, we welcome you.  Our Care Team is a ministry of grace designed to bring hope and healing to the hurting.  For more information please contact us via email

Music Academy head shots for website.jpg
St. James Music Academy offers piano, voice lessons

The St. James Music Academy offers piano and voice lessons, either virtually, or when restrictions are eased, on-campus or at your location.

We are currently accepting adult piano students. Lessons will be held either at the church or at students’ homes (so you should have a piano, whether traditional or digital). Contact Music Academy team leader Michael Denison directly to schedule lessons at

Mezzo-soprano Christina Ramsey offers voice lessons. With over five years of teaching experience, she has helped many students find their voice through technical and musical study. She believes learning music and finding your voice are incredibly important for everyone as it builds confidence, teaches mind and body awareness, develops social skills, and, as Christina says, “is just a good way to have some easy FUN! Let’s see what finding your voice can do for you!” Email her to schedule a time: