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Parking at St. James

We offer a variety of places to park your car during our Sunday morning service. St. James has its own parking lot across the church on 32nd St. (accessible on Lafayette Way). In addition, there is metered street parking around the church on both 32nd St. and Via Málaga—and parking is free at the meters on Sundays until 1 p.m. 

You may also valet park for free at the Lido House hotel if our lot should fill up. The Lido House is located at the corner of Newport Blvd. and 32nd St.; just show the valet a copy of our bulletin when you pick up your car after the service, and parking will be free. Our thanks go to our friends at the Lido House hotel for offering this service!

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Our Parking Lot

Our lot is located at the corner of 32nd St. and Lafayette Rd., across the street from the main entrance of the church. It is open on Sundays and for major church services throughout the year, as well as for special events such as concerts, celebrations, and Lenten programs.


DECALS: You will need an Episcopal shield decal to park in the lot—please ask one of our ushers for one. At other times the lot is shared with the Lido House hotel, and the church has 8 parking spots available (if you don’t have an Episcopal decal and need to park here during the week for the Wednesday service or for an office appointment, please ask at the office for a temporary parking pass).

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Around the Church

Metered parking, administered by the City of Newport Beach, is available around the church on both 32nd St. and Via Málaga. Parking is free around the church on Sundays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.!


The parking kiosk on 32nd St. and the meters on Via Málaga take credit cards, or you may use the ParkMobile app on your smartphone to pay (the parking zone on 32nd St. and the far side of Via Málaga is 976, and the church side of Via Málaga is 979).

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Lido House Hotel

If our lot should fill up, you may always park for free at the Lido House hotel on Sundays and other days when we are having a service or a special event. Just show the hotel’s valet a copy of our service bulletin when you pick up your car, and your parking will be free.  

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