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Vacation Bible School 2019: ‘Space Camp’!
June 24–28th, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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You may be able to name all the planets in our solar system, but can you sing them and list a unique attribute of each one? If not, you may be able to learn something from your kids this summer by enrolling them in the St. James Vacation Bible School Space Camp! The one-week program will provide age-appropriate Christian experiences for kids around themes of space exploration and robotics in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. They will also work with our professional chefs to prepare and taste a variety of culinary delights.

Ages 4 to 7
Younger children will learn about the planets of our solar system and galaxy through music, hands-on science, creative art projects and group activities that promote friendship and teamwork. By the end of the week they should be able to sing the order of the planets and know a little about what makes each planet unique. There will be ample free play time, and each day will conclude with journals and reflections.

Ages 8 to 12
Children will work in groups to utilize the 4 Cs of STEM—Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration -- in designing and building robots. Then, teams will test their robots in a friendly, space-themed obstacle course competition. Engineering skills will help them identify needed modifications to improve the functionality of the robots. Children can buy and build an Arduino robotics car (optional) that they can either learn to code or operate by remote control, or they can work in small groups to design and build a Lego Minestorm robot (provided).

Another option available is to buy a drone to enter in the “Great St. James Drone Race through the Universe” and earn points for each planet in the drone obstacle course. 

Cost is $200 for the week per child, and $150 for additional siblings. Email us for information on our half-day schedule (the cost is $100 per week).

Lunch and snacks served. Limited spaces available. A completed registration form is due by June 14th to Kayla Brock at our office at You may pay with the various online methods indicated on our homepage, a check mailed to our office, or we can process your credit card over the phone. We will have an integrated online payment service on this page shortly.